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  • Anti Spyware


    wonder if there is a free anti-spyware for windows SBS 2003 SP2 standard version.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Anti Spyware

    I believe that Windows Defender is free.


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      Re: Anti Spyware

      The question is why do you need anti-spyware on your server. You should NEVER be using your server for surfing anyway. The occasional Driver download, and of course, updates if you are without WSUS, but general surfing?
      So review your policies to understand how you got spyware in the first place!

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        Re: Anti Spyware

        Thank you, Teiger and Joeqwerty for your replies.

        Teiger, you're right. I agreed with you. However, since the main purpose of the file-server is to store all files/documents from all our staffs. My concern is that some of the files might contain some spywares on them. Of course, this can be detected if they diligently run the anti-spyware on their own laptops. I guess i'm just thinking of the worst scenario here. I don't allow anyone to use the server for the internet surfing purpose. It's just to do with my concern. That's all.

        Thank you for the link, Joeqwerty.

        Thank you