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Domino 8/Exchange coexistence.

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  • Domino 8/Exchange coexistence.

    Hi, first timer around here, and happy to find you
    I have a not-so-common requirement from a customer, and i need some help with it.

    I have a small SBS 2003R2 premium domain with 10 or so clients.
    Let's say domain xxx.local
    Currently all e-mail communication is addressed with exchange server using smtp, listening at

    The client (edit: My client, the customer), needs to setup Domino 8 + notes as the mail/collaboration solution for some of the domain's clients, that have to "listen" to a different external domain name for communication/mail purposes only, lets say
    The above clients, must be able to send/receive mail in the form of [email protected]

    I guess, that the optimal solution would be upgrading SBS to the full product,
    then set-up a second domain on a 2nd DC (zzz.local),and then establish a trust relationship between the two domains.
    Then i would set up domino to serve the zzz.local domain as the mail server, listening at and keep exchange for the xxx.local/com part.

    The problem is, that the solution above has (obviously) high costs involved, that the customer can't afford.

    I wonder if it's possible, to setup domino as a second mail server inside xxx.local,
    publish him through ISA to listen at
    and route the mails to notes clients residing at the internal xxx.local domain.

    This way, all the clients will be on the SBS domain (xxx.local) and some of them will be using Notes to send/receive mails
    using the domain.

    Is this topology possible at all?
    Will i face any unforeseen problems routing mails between the two mail servers?
    My experience in Domino is close to 0, and i have no idea if it uses AD to route mails.
    Coexistence of outlook and Notes is not needed/wanted.
    Also, synch between exchange/domino and lotus/outlook is not needed.
    The clients that will be served from domino will only have notes installed,
    the rest will only have Outlook.

    Any help/info greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.

    Edit: Client/custommer mixed up.. sorry in Greek its the same word/meaning
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    Re: Domino 8/Exchange coexistence.

    You can make Exchange (the one in SBS also) listen for a second or more domain (your and do whatever manipulation is necessary. However, it is not clear to me what you are asking with regard to the Notes/Domino setup and where those items are. I mean mail mesages can be SMTP and nobody really cares if they are sent by Exchange, Notes or Gmail.
    Can you be more clear about who is the client, the client's client etc?

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      Re: Domino 8/Exchange coexistence.

      All "clients" are workstations that belong to the SBS domain, xxx.local.
      Exchange will serve some of the users/workstations, using the real domain name ( for communication purposes.
      Domino has to be a second mail server, part of the SBS domain and "listen" to another domain name for smtp traffic (
      Some "clients" will be connecting to domino using notes, and have to be able to send/receive mail using a different domain name ( in the form of user[at]
      From what i read at the domino's deployment guide, domino doesn't use AD to pickup the domain, and has it's own user db, so i guess it has to be doable.
      I'll have to take care of things like domain dns/mx record pointers, and publish domino through ISA etc of course.

      Anyone tried something similar in SBS?


      Sorry for my English, really.