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Moving from a POP3 Connector to SMTP Connector.

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  • Moving from a POP3 Connector to SMTP Connector.

    I am administering an SBS Exchange 2000 Server (Exchange v6.0 Build6249.4: SP3) and currently we pull down new email from an ISP by means of a POP3 connector.

    I would like to decomission the POP3 connector so I can submit our MX records to our ISP and get the ISP to forward all SMTP traffic to our Exchange IP Address

    Could I ask for assistance in configuring the SMTP connector to be able to send and receive email before getting the MX records changed at the ISP?

    That is, does the current SMTP connector (See attached image) handle both incoming and outgoing Port25 traffic and thus when the POP3 connector is disable by the ISP changing the forwarding it becomes redundant?

    OR do I have to create a further SMTP connector to handle incoming SMTP traffic?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Moving from a POP3 Connector to SMTP Connector.

    UTFW - and voila, it is all done for you.

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      Re: Moving from a POP3 Connector to SMTP Connector.

      That'll be the Configure E-Mail and Internet Connection Wizard, also affectionately known as the "CEICW".

      Have a look at and note figure 13.
      Best wishes,
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