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Outlook and Exchange - Same SBS Machine

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  • Outlook and Exchange - Same SBS Machine

    Hi everyone,

    im in the process of setting up enterprise vault 7.0 from symantec. One of the requirements is to have Outlook installed on the same machine as Exchange. I know that i have to perform DLL/COM Redirection but i was wondering if anyone could give me some detailed steps as the ones on MSDN are not great!

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Outlook and Exchange - Same SBS Machine

    OK if you really look hard in the MSDE notes ( i found the answer!

    All you have to do is navigate to where Outlook.exe is and create an empty file called OUTLOOK.EXE.LOCAL

    this seems to fix outlooks problem but now exchange is comming up with errors and all the microsoft KB says is this !

    Now im really needing an answer or some help!!!!

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      Re: Outlook and Exchange - Same SBS Machine

      And what does that KB say? Unsupported! That doesn't mean it doesn't work. Under certain circumstances, it does, but otherwise you are on your own. Sorry

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        Re: Outlook and Exchange - Same SBS Machine

        Your right Teiger. Enterprise Vault cant be on the same machine. It has to be on a seperate machine with only System Manager installed.

        This option of having two servers for some clients is not feisable. Does anyone know of any other good quality email archiving programs which provide stubbing?