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EXS SP 1 setup files inaccessible - stuck during setup

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  • EXS SP 1 setup files inaccessible - stuck during setup

    Hi all,

    I'm installing a (legit) copy of SBS 2003 Premium at home. I got this copy from my employer, it's a legit cd with a legit key and so on. Windows is also activated and no crack was used. I copied the cd's to harddrive and made a image of the first cd, and returned the originals. Now, because I made a mistake during the cd copy operation I have CD3 twice, and no CD2. I looked around on the net and found a downloadable copy, so I downloaded CD2. But now I'm stuck because the cd I downloaded doesn't contain SP1 for exchange.

    I thought I could download EXS SP1, extract the files and go from there... But the setup doesn't accept the directory as a valid source. I'm stuck at the dialog box "Insert Windows Small Business Server 2003 Disc 2 or point to the location where the Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1 files may be found."

    Is there any way around this? I can get the cd's back mid-next week, and I'd love to have this server up and running this weekend. Is there a SP1 for Exchange running on SBS? or is one 'generic' update for all exs's?

    Any help is appreciated.



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    Re: EXS SP 1 setup files inaccessible - stuck during setup

    There are so many different media sets for SBS 2003 now, and the integrated setup is made for each one individually. (RTM with Sharepoint bug, RTM fixed, SP1 set, R2 set and now, I believe there is an R2 set with a slipstreamed Windows SP2!) Therefore I wouldn't mess about with this from here and that from there. Get the whole set and install them as one!

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