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Reinstalling SQL

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  • Reinstalling SQL

    Hi guys,

    Just looking for a little advice to PREVENT problems and disasters.

    After removing and installing the newest version of Symantec Anti-Virus and Mail Security for Exchange on an SBS 2003 server, I find that my SQL is hosed. It says it is because the DLL can't be loaded and most likely the SQL needs to be reinstalled. I suspect it is because of the Symantec Reporting program uninstall.

    So I am thinking of rebooting with the SBS install disks, uncheckiing SQL, SBS Monitoring, and Sharepoint so that windows will remove these items - and then doing it again with the above items checked so they will be installed from scratch.

    Unlike regular SQL, it is my understanding that I can't just fiind the SETUP.EXE for SQL and run it. SBS can be so difficult.

    My one fear is that by doing this, I might hose some other applcation, the security certificates, Exchange, or something else.

    So my question is: Am I doing the right thing? Any warnings I should know about? Anything I should do different? Or should I just be too damn scared to try this at all?

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    Re: Reinstalling SQL

    Hold on a bit... Are you talking Standard or Premium edition?
    Are you talking about SQL or MSDE?
    Are you talking about the Sharepoint, Monitoring, (ISA FW logging) instances?

    If it is just an instance of SQL that you installed for your own use, save the databases, detach them if you can, uninstall your instance of SQL and reinstall from the Premium Technologies CD. You can then re-attach your databases.
    Anything else, call back with a better explanation, please!

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