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SBS CALs License File

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  • SBS CALs License File

    Looked at license file this morning on SBS server - only shows the basic 5 CALS. All others have "disappeared". I remember taking the option to backup the licence file but didn't document where to. can someone tell me the name of the file/folder where the SBS licence info is stored and also the default name of the license file backup?

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    Re: SBS CALs License File

    See if this helps.
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      Re: SBS CALs License File

      Thanks for suggesting it but I went down the standard micrsoft website path. A support engineer apparently made a copy of the files using the original name(s) - he can't be contacted for another 2 weeks - if I knew the names of the files I can search the network and restore or replace what is there.

      Also visited, turned off license logging, copied and renamed and and turned license logging on again - still only the 5 CALs.

      This is the error -
      Event ID 201
      Event Type: Error
      Event Source: LicenseService
      Event Category: None
      Event ID: 201
      Computer: ServerName
      Description: No license was available for user domainname\username using product FilePrint . Use Licensing from the Administrative Tools folder to ensure that you have sufficient licenses. For more information, see Help and Support Center at

      Does anyone know the name of the SBS 2003 CALs license file(s)?


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        Re: SBS CALs License File

        It is what ever your (or the other person) called it! It doesn't jave a specific name!!!

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