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Adding Exchange to a SBS 2003

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  • Adding Exchange to a SBS 2003

    Hello everybody!

    First i have to excuse myself, cause the question that im gonna ask might seems a little lame for some "Aces", but it's the first time that i meet such a problem.

    I started to take care of the network of a small business. There is an Ibm server with sbs 2003 installed but, and don't ask me why, the guy before installed it without installing Exchange on it.

    Now the lame questions are:

    1. Can i install it now?
    2. If yes, and i believe i can, will it integrate AD automatically?
    3. Is there any precaution or any advice i should be aware of before taking this step?
    4. Is the installation, like a regular installation of an SBS 2003

    Thank you very much for all your answers!

    best regards

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    Re: Adding Exchange to a SBS 2003

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Steven?
    4. Haven't installed like this myself, but I imagine it is a matter of popping the CD into the tray, closing it and follow the prompts.
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      Re: Adding Exchange to a SBS 2003

      When I go into an organisation that I haven't set up, I usually explain to the business owner, since SBS has not been set up the recommended way, I cannot predict what will and what will not work as expected. Finding out that info (if there is no documentation - and there usually isn't!) may cost about a week's work and I may damage something on the way.
      I suggest that for 2 days work, I reinstall the SBS, using swing migration back to the same hardware, preserve his data and can now support him from a known condition.
      After that it is up to him to decide.

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        Re: Adding Exchange to a SBS 2003

        Teiger's advice is very safe, I like it! I used Swing migration this weekend to move my current sbs2003 install to a brand new server, besides a few problems with OWA, I was very happy to have my environment backup and running in no time at all. for all your Swing migration needs