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Sbs Repair Posible??

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  • Sbs Repair Posible??



    We've a Dell Server with SBS 2003 (SP1) and experiencing many problems, specially with Exchange. My boss want to upgrade to R2, he thinks doing this will help us repair those problems.

    however for what I can tell (not IT pro) this server has been migrated/upgraded many times: started in Microsoft Back Office Small Business Server (NT 4?) in an Acer Altos Server, then migrated to SBS 2000 (not sure if that was still on Acer or this Dell) then updated to SBS 2003.

    2 months ago, I installed SP1 (prerequisite for R2) but I made some mistakes in SQL I think because I can't access the console any more, however SQL Server seems to work fine (MS Great Plains installed and working). (see attach)

    I want to format and reinstall everything but my boss doesn't; The whole company runs and highly depends on Great Plains, which of course has been modified to suit our needs and therefore its a big concern.

    I think many things in the server are messed up, configs, patches, etc.

    So what do you recommend??

    1. uninstall SP1 -> reinstall SP1 -> Upgrade to R2 -> try to fix errors

    2. format -> install straight forward SBS R2 -> assuming everything works try to install Great Plains with all the mods

    What would be worst case scenarios? solutions?

    Thanks a lot!! Really appreciate your help!!

    ask me if you didn't understand something (my English is not perfect)
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    Re: Sbs Repair Posible??

    R2 is an 'update release' that is built on top of Windows Server 2003 SP1. It will add new features but it isn't going to correct your old problems.

    If I was employed by them and they did not want to do a rebuild, I would let them pay me until I got old trying to resolve one problem at a time.

    If I was brought in as a consultant, I would suggest a rebuild.
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      Re: Sbs Repair Posible??

      use the swing migration toolkit as described many times here.

      @ you're problem: try this:
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        Re: Sbs Repair Posible??

        IMNSHO the best "repair" is a swing migration ( because it gives you a clean install with your existing Active Drectory and then allows you to add back your data.
        Similarly if Exchange is giving you problems, move the data out by using Exmerge and then re-import it using your new clean database after swing (though I have many reasons for repairing an existing databse and "forklifting" over).


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          Re: Sbs Repair Posible??

          Thanks to all!!

          The swing migration sounds good!! however I prefer a clean start in everything including AD cause the structure of permissions, groups and files stored in server are not in very good shape... there are about 18 users, and maybe will add some more (3 o 4 employees...) no to much work I think and this way we can restructure everything in a more efficient way. My only concern is about Great Plains and the databases associated, can we use a "swing migration" for this? I mean a clean install, a new AD, new exchange, fresh SQL server install, and after that a migration of Great Plains?