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Deleting old synchronization rules

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  • Deleting old synchronization rules


    We have replaced our old NT Domainserver with a new SBS 2003 Domainserver with a new domainname and as default we use offline file synchronizaton between the SBS server (user shared folders) and our client computers.
    Now we use the new server with the new domainname (FQDN) with the 'old' Windows XP workstations but when we logoff, the client computer wants to synchronize also with the old server (which we don't have anymore). A work-around is to deselect this old rule in de configuration section of the offline synchronization but rather we want to delete the old rule completely so users cannot alter or by accident click on the old rule again.

    Does anyone have a solution for this?



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    Re: Deleting old synchronization rules

    You should have disabled the offline files before destroying the old server. I have encountered this problem the hard way when I first upgraded to 2003. It appears even though you have disabled these folders, the stations will likely report to the user as being offline, when you are connected to the server just fine. The problem is the work station looking for the old server, not finding and then reporting itself as offline.
    I have yet to find a proper solution to this.

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      Re: Deleting old synchronization rules

      Hello Steven,

      Thanks for the quick reply, so we have to 'live with it'...
      It is imho a strange behaviour of a operating system in which nearly everything is configurable.. but not deleting a old synchronization.