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Sharepoint web part, not secure!?

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  • Sharepoint web part, not secure!?

    Frontpage suddenly blocked us from editing one of our sharepoint sites. It claims that a web part or a web form keeps us from editing the web page since it isn't registered as secure.

    But we are already using all those web parts and forms on other sites with success, removing all of the web parts and web forms will not help either. Frontpage still complains that something on the web page isn't secure and that the web page cannot be edited!

    I tried without success.

    Has anyone else seen this happen? Can anyone give me a few pointers?

    Have an excellent weekend guys, cheers!
    A wise man once said: "Assumption is the mother of all fu*k ups".

    Any advice I give is to the best of my knowledge, there is no guarantee what so ever that it will actually work in your particular scenario. I will not accept any responsibility for unexpected consequences, after all - you are taking advice from a complete stranger over the internet. =)