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OWA Error, I would like to reinstall

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  • OWA Error, I would like to reinstall

    Hi, Folks.

    OK, I have a SBS server, it runs ok.

    However there was a time when all the website compnents failed to load, so if I went to a website (/remote, companyweb, etc), then I would have a page with lots of blank areas, the status bar flickering rapidy, and missing graphics.

    I traced this to the permissions on the files that made up the web page, and reset them, however, this hasn't worked for OWA.

    Now, I am unable to log on with OWA, lots of flickering and unable to get past the logon screen.

    Is there any way to delete and then reinstall the web components ?

    I would like to have the default configuration and go from there, and I am getting lot's of pressure for not having OWA working.

    Alternatively, does anyone have any ideas ?

    I can let one or two of you see the site to see for yourselves.


    Neil Mac