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SBS2000 and Vista printing

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  • SBS2000 and Vista printing

    I have a client that has sbs2000 - and one of the employees uses Vista with IE7 from home. OWA2000 doesen't work with Vista - i didn't apply the patch - so they are using Mozilla with OWA and it works fine.

    The issue now is printing. She use to print fine from OWA to her home printer, now she has a new printer and Vista. Is there any issues with installing this printer on the server and loading the 2000 and Vista drivers on the server, so the user can print at home?

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    Re: SBS2000 and Vista printing

    SBS 2000 doesn't support Vista and you shouldn't try to supportVista on SBS2000 either. Go buy and install SBS2003 with SA and save these problems which shouldn't arise.

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