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Change from Pop3 Connector to SMTP - advice please..

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  • Change from Pop3 Connector to SMTP - advice please..


    I usually use POP3 connectors to pick up mail from my ISP. For one of my servers I would like to use the Intelligent Message Filter, which doesn't work with POP3. So I am going to switch to SMTP.

    I guess that I will have to start by creating an MX record to point to the server.

    What is the best practices from this point ?

    If anyone has any good practical tips, please let me know.

    Many thanks,
    Neil Mac

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    Re: Change from Pop3 Connector to SMTP - advice please..

    Do you have a fixed IP for your network? Is port 25 open on your router and forwarded to your SBS? Ask your ISP to set up an "A" record for your IP such as: A
    Then you can point your MX record with a value of say 10 to your A record. Also ask your ISP if he can create a PTR record for your IP (reverse DNS). Finally ask him if he can be a secondary backup to hold your mail while you are off-line. In such a case the ISP's mail server can have an MX record of value 20 pointing to it.
    Then UTFW to make the CEICW to work by SMTP
    Final question: did you any of this?

    Steven Teiger [SBS-MVP(2003-2009)]
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      Re: Change from Pop3 Connector to SMTP - advice please..

      Hi, Steven.

      Very good advice, thank you.

      Yep, I spent a bit of time on Google, didn't find it that productive in this case.

      I knew about the fixed IP, creating records and so on, however, you have given me a much more practical way of doing things, particularly having the ISP with an MX record with a value of 20 to act as a backup - I hadn't thought of that.
      Neil Mac