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    I know this has to have been brought up before but I couldn't find it in search. I also couldn't find a specific answer to my question on google. .mdb, .db, etc files are showing up as having failed when a user logs off and it synchronizes. This is good and intended, but very annoying for the user. They have to actually wait for that to pop up and click out of it for it to actually log off. Is there a way to supress these errors and just have it go through and log off?
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    Re: synchronization errors
    Exclusion error suppression
    The Offline Files feature does not permit you to cache certain file types. This restriction prevents corruption of file sets and avoids conflicts with competing synchronization technologies. When you try to cache one of these file types, you may receive the following error message for each file:
    Files of this type cannot be made available offline

    This message is useful to users who are unfamiliar with the synchronization process. However, when users understand that certain file types cannot be cached, the message becomes an annoyance, because the message prevents the synchronization progress dialog box from closing automatically at the end of synchronization. This hotfix introduces a new registry key that prevents subsets of these files from generating this specific synchronization error.

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