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  • Cannot create object

    Hello...I have a big problem ,i have in my company 2 server , one with 2003 SBS standard ed(is the DC) and the second with win 2003 standard(Backup ServeR).The problem is that when i try to create an user or computer he give the error that he cannot run the direcory service,when i look in the events i see that i have problem with the replication and if i give manual replication he said that "RPC unavailable" . I try with dcdiag command but i did nothing....
    If somebody can help me i will be gratful...

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    Re: Cannot create object

    I suggest you run dcpromo and take your secondary server back to member status. Fully update both servers with updates apart from Windows Server 2003 SP2. Disable the Windows Firewall on the member server and re-run DCPromo to promote it to a DC. Wait sufficient time before restarting it as a DC to allow replication to take place. Check again for replication and/or make it a GC and make sure all is replicating.

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