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Joining an SBS domain remotely

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  • Joining an SBS domain remotely

    Hello People. I have the following scenario which I hope someone will be able to help me with .

    I have joined an sbs domain remotely (using a vpn)but seeing as I wont be able to visit the site for a few weeks I need to login as a user on the domain.

    Is there a way of establishing a vpn before the login prompt comes up so I can pass my credentials to the dc and login?

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    Re: Joining an SBS domain remotely

    I think you can do this if you put a shortcut of the VPN connector in the Start Up folder. Make sure you have the VPN connector set to logon automatically. Then it should establish a VPN connection right when you log on to the laptop.


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      Re: Joining an SBS domain remotely

      Usual Windows thing. Log in , ticking the box for "Dial-Up Connection" and choose your VPN setting.
      Otherwise use RWW to control another PC in the office, until return.

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