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RPCoHTTPS on SBS 2003 Std

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  • RPCoHTTPS on SBS 2003 Std


    I made a lot of troubles to me, becouse I didn't read the instructions. So, what I did:
    - installed SBS 2003 Std, with Exchange 2003 on domain name mpi.local
    - the next step was enabling Outlook for home users thru RPCoHTTPS. As allways, I used documents and procedures from Petri page (How to Confiure RPC over HTTPS on single server)
    - the mestake was, that I didn't use the Wizard inside the SBS, that do a lot of things and configuration (yes, RPCoHTTPS too), but did a manual configuration. The result is, that RPCoHTTPS doesn't work from WAN.
    - I made all the configuration that is decribed in

    OWA is working great, but RPCoHTTPS doesn't.
    Is there any solution how to repair my configuration that RPCoHTTPS will work. I go thru trobleshooting but with no success.

    Thx, for any help!

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    Re: RPCoHTTPS on SBS 2003 Std

    Undo what you did and run the Wizard.
    Or you could just try running the wizard as is.

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      Re: RPCoHTTPS on SBS 2003 Std

      I solved the problem with manualy enabling Windows Firewall, then I run the Wizzard again and at the end, turn off the firewall.

      It helped for me.