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Can't Install Sharepoint

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  • Can't Install Sharepoint

    Hi There,

    We have a situation where the intranet fails to install/reinstall from the SBS setup with one or two non-specific errors in the conclusion of the SBS (server tools) software installation. Is there a surefire way to force sharepoint to install or to completely remove the files and registry entries associated with a previous installation to affect a completely new and unhindered installation of sharepoint ?.

    What I have done so far to counter the damage done by the updates includes:-

    1/ Repaired the SBS installation from add remove programs (intranet installation failed) this operation was repeated a few times;

    2/ Uninstalled the application server including IIS, application server, message queuing from add / remove programs. Reinstalled the above and repaired / reinstalled SBS.

    3/ Removed all the recently installed updates from add remove / programs and repeated steps 1 & 2.

    4/ Reinstalled all the microsoft updates that originally caused this issue and completely removed and reinstalled SBS on the server. Still have the same issues. Plus when I run the internet connection wizard I get errors with the network configuration component and the firewall component.
    There wasn't a positive result from any of this with exchange or the intranet installation. The intranet installation fails everytime with one or two component faults. This seems to be a common occurance in SBS 2003.

    5/ I did a google search and found instructions on how to remove / reinstall sharepoint at These instructions I have followed but received the same result when installing.

    6/ Tried installing the patch 832880 (supposed to fix Sharepoint installations). We media I am using is from after the 24th of November 2003 (as per the patch) so not surprised this patch failed.

    At this point I am uncertain what else to try on this server. There has to be a solution without reloading the server from scratch, there are a lot of client computers connected so this would be no small task.

    Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Re: Can't Install Sharepoint

    This is a common problem that we have been telling MS about for ages.
    You have to have the correct media to get back to the point you were at before you uninstalled Sharepoint. That means if you were at SP1 level before uninstalling, you will need media with SP1 integrated. If you were at R2 level and had already installed Sharepoint updates, you need media that has Sharepoint at that same level. Of course, you probably don't have that media, MS can't supply that media and you can't even "roll your own". I'll check with a colleague, if there are other possibilities.

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      Re: Can't Install Sharepoint

      Thanks Teiger,

      I have tried uninstalling everything. But as you say I think I need the correct media. Any chance uninstalling and installing with a newer version of the software would work??.