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POP3 service disconnecting

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  • POP3 service disconnecting

    A big office is using server 2003. From time to time a restart is required. The system manager performing the restart in remote control. After each time the POP3 services is not starting unless it is done manually. If a restart is performed on site no problem with respect to POP3 service.
    Perhaps one of you guys can light up the subject and explain to me why is it happening?
    Many thanks in advanced
    Adi Gazit

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    Re: POP3 service disconnecting

    1 This is the SBS (Small Business Server) forum
    2 You say a big office using server 2003
    3 You talk about messaging and don't mention which type or version of messaging server you are using.

    Please read the post on how to ask questions in order to get an appropriate answer at the head of the (correct) forum.

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