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POP3 Global Mailbox and BCC

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  • POP3 Global Mailbox and BCC

    Hi there
    My ISP has setup a Global mailbox for my domain. I have set the Pop3 Connector for Exchange to download from this global mailbox. All emails in the TO and CC fields work fine. However if the email is sent to the BCC field it does not get delivered to the intended recipient. Instead the mail gets delivered to administrator / postmaster.

    In the header of the email the envelope-to contains the correct BCC but this never gets delivered.

    Return-Path: <[email protected]>
    Envelope-to: [email protected]

    The following article from Microsoft says that this is a known issue and "blames" the POP protocol for the problem

    Does anyone have any work around solutions? We are sitting on a dynamic IP ADSL line and therefore need to use the global account from our service provider.


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    Re: POP3 Global Mailbox and BCC

    There are 3rd party solutions out there like POPBeamer etc
    You can use DYNDNS or TZO who can give you full SMTP with a dynamic IP
    Or you can request a fixed IP from your provider. Or host your exchange externally.

    Those are the options AFAIK

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