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Remote access no longer works

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  • Remote access no longer works

    We've been successfully using RWW with SBS 2003 R2 for a few weeks now but all of a sudden out of the blue we now get a 403.6 error with IIS.

    Absolutely nothing has been changed configuration wise. There have been hotfixes that may have been applied but that's it. It was working up until this morning.

    I'm simply at a loss. I've checked IIS manager and the default website is working fine. http://companyweb/default.aspx is working fine over the LAN. https://sbssvr/Remote/ brings up the correct login page but only locally across the LAN. Accessing it externally brings up the 403.6 error.

    Does anyone have any insight?

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    Re: Remote access no longer works

    Have you had a look at any of these options?
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      Re: Remote access no longer works

      I spent a good 90 minutes going through everything. I noticed that "Default Web Site" in IIS which contains Remote etc had access denied to everyone except the localhost.

      Now I've never touched these settings so I'm wondering how that might've changed. I can't remember what the default permissions were on the "Default Web Site", whether the entire site was open to the outside world or just certain sections like Remote and Exchange (for Outlook web access).

      Does anyone know if there are default permissions?

      At the moment going to the IP of the server brings up the page where you have "My Company's Internal Web Site", "Network Configuration Wizard", "Remote Web Workplace" and "Information and Answers". Whereas before I don't recall that page even loading remotely.