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rpc over https Exchange permission problem

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  • rpc over https Exchange permission problem

    I have encountered a problem using rpc over https.

    I have set up rpc over https using articles from this site, access from LAN works fine. However, when i try to connect from a machine in a different domain over WAN, the connection only works with users from the Admin group on the exchange server. Normal user accounts get answer from Server: -ERR Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

    I have searched for permission settings in Exchange, but could not find anything.

    Using SBS 2003 and Outlook 2003 to connect.

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    Re: rpc over https Exchange permission problem

    Moving to SBS Forum.

    Did you use the Wizard to set it up?
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      Re: rpc over https Exchange permission problem

      It is called "Outlook over the Internet" in the firewall section of the CEICW

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        Re: rpc over https Exchange permission problem

        Thank you for your replies so far.

        The internal firewall of SBS is not active because i use just one network interfaceon the server. My protection so far is a hardware router with port mapping seperating server from internet. I thought it might be a good idea to get a firewall up and running after the server works the way I want it.

        The option "Outlook over the Internet" is activated in the CEICW. From my understanding, the deactivated option would also keep Admins out.


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          Re: rpc over https Exchange permission problem

          I did another session of testing and found out something which might help solving the problem. The same problems appear when trying to use the POP3 connection in Outlook. Using the admin account works fine, users get the error message posted earlier on.


          HA! I got the POP3 to work using DOMAIN\USERNAME\MAILALIAS for login.
          Mailalias is not same as username. Did not think it was important for the discussion so far.
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