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Certificate Error "Mismatched Address"

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  • Certificate Error "Mismatched Address"

    Recently one of our servers had an issue with the Microsoft Firewall. The service went down and wouldn't restart. To get the server back on the internet and to activate network connections I rebooted the server.

    After the reboot everything seemed to work fine, except now remote access using the https://"ip address"/remote or exchange comes up with a certificate error. When viewed the error says "Mismatched Address". "The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website address".

    The server is running SBS Premium and OWA, etc is controlled through ISA. Viewing the ISA logs it doesn't appear to get any traffic pertaining to the OWA or remote web access, this traffic appears to be blocked before it reaches the server??. I have checked the router and also run the server in a DMZ to see if the router is blocking traffic, it doesn't appear to be.

    If you could help me to sort out this certificate error I would be grateful as many of the clients on the network use the remote facilities. Thanks

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    Re: Certificate Error "Mismatched Address"

    UTFW: CEICW allows you to (re-)create a self signed certificate which MUST be the same as your FQDN - especially if you wish mobile devices to work.

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      Re: Certificate Error "Mismatched Address"

      Thanks Teiger,

      I ran the CEICW when this issue initially occured, but I don't recall any part that dealt specifically with certificates??.

      Also I think what might be happening is the server is publishing the certificate for publishing.sgc.local which is the servers. When users try to connect I think ie is looking for the public domain name??. Does that make sense??.


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        Re: Certificate Error "Mismatched Address"

        Thanks Again Teiger your advice has once again helped me out.

        It would appear that someone had changed the DNS records at the ISP, hence the dns records didn't match up and therefore the certificate failed.

        To rectify I put the public IP address as the web server address in the CEICW and things were back online. Now I just have to track down who changed the records and castrate them.