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how to check Messenger Logs

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  • how to check Messenger Logs

    Hi All ,

    we are using SBS 2000 server and we have implement local instant messenger system with windows messenger ver 5.0 ..which is compatible with Exchange server. now suppose i want check my chat logs with some another user ...of 2 -3 days can i check it....please help me friends ..i am in search of important messages...


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    Re: how to check Messenger Logs

    Hey John:

    Not familiar w/ hosting a local IM system but most have the ability (off by default) to turn on message logging at the client.

    Is this the case for you?

    I take it the client didn't turn on message history and your hoping it is available somewhere else in the server component.

    That I cannot answer as, I said above, I have no experience with your "local" implementation.


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      Re: how to check Messenger Logs

      Hi Rick ,

      Thanks for your valuable reply..i just want confirm whether this messenger's logs can be trace from the server . Where i can find this logs in the server. ..We are using Window messenger 5.0 ...which is coming default with Exchange server 2000 .



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        Re: how to check Messenger Logs

        I don't know about Mesenger v5, but Live Messenger keeps its logs under My Documents\My Received File\[account name]. There is an XML file for every and each contact you chatted with.
        Try to look in the Options settings of the client where does it saves the logs...
        Good luck.

        Sorin Solomon

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          Re: how to check Messenger Logs

          Hi Sorinso ,

          Thanks for your valuable reply ....We are using the Exchange Internal Messengering system ..which is default feature of exchange 2000 .. I have search on your given path but i am not able to find is that logs are on the server . ...