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Custom Server Status/Usage Report

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  • Custom Server Status/Usage Report

    Using SBS2003, I would like to add/create a usage report to tell me when each user is logging-in or using the server. By 'when' I mean a report for time of day, date, log-in, log-off... sort of thing.

    From Server Management, I can see "Change Server Status Report Settings", and am thinking this is the right area to create a customised report, but am lost from here!?!

    Maybe I need a third party, but would prefer to utilise any built-in stuff if possible?

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer with this matter.


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    Re: Custom Server Status/Usage Report

    This is a general query often found on Windows servers. I would start here: on this site. After that, you could go to the main page and do a search on "Logon Logoff" and you'll get a few pages of suggestions.

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      Re: Custom Server Status/Usage Report

      Here is something you might want to look at ~


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        Re: Custom Server Status/Usage Report

        Thank you teiger and BigStan for great, and prompt replys!
        Interesting reading on all counts
        Will sort this out over the next few weeks.