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trouble in accessing files after setting file permission

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  • trouble in accessing files after setting file permission


    I was wondering if i can get some help here. I think i have made a mistake here. I was trying to set up a file permission on my file directory on my server. It's running SBS 2003.

    After having set up all the permission and security on all the folders, there are some files that are not accessible even when i login as administrator.

    I got the following error
    "Excel cannot access 'staff List.xls'. The document may be read only or encrypted. cannot access 'staff List.xls' "

    This is what i did,
    i have a main folder, called "File Repository", that made it shared through the "Server Management".

    - File Repository
    - Management
    - Finance
    - staff List.xls
    - Personnel
    - Email
    - Accounts
    - ...
    - ...

    In the management, i made it shared as follows
    * Share Permissions,
    - Administrator (Full Control)
    - Domain Power User (Full Control)
    * Security,
    - Administrator (Full Control)
    - Domain Power User (Full Control)

    Note: I'm not sure if i did this right. When i was working on the security, i went to click on "Advanced" button to UNTICK "allow inheritable permissions from the parent to propagate to this project and all child objects. Include these with entries explicitly defined here". Then, i got the following dialog box when i clicked "Apply" button. It was asking whether to "Copy" or "Remove" option and i selected "Remove". I think this might cause the drama. Can i check this with you?

    Now, i'm in a big trouble because some of important files can not be accessed even when trying to open it on the server machine logged on as administrator.

    How do i restore those files?

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: trouble in accessing files after setting file permission

    Yes, selecting Remove was not the best option. Copy would have been a better choice. What you have done is remove all permissions from that folder. Easily fixed. You need to logon as Administrator and Take Ownership of the folder and then it will be owned by the Administrator. You will then be able to access the files and assign permissions again.

    Of course this being SBS there may be a Wizard to sort it all out. Steven?
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      Re: trouble in accessing files after setting file permission

      No wizard this time
      The update permissions wizard is for user's home folder, sharepoint etc.

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