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Out going Traffic Not allowed

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  • Out going Traffic Not allowed

    Hi All ,

    I am using ISA2000 server. now the things is untill i installed the firewall client on windows client machine it is not allowed it to surf the i am having one linux client also and from those i can not surf the internet..i am geting the ping connectiviyt from that machine..but the out going traffic is not going is any firewall client for linux machine also...and do i need to install that on Linux Machine... also....Please Help me friends....

    John Daz .

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    Re: Out going Traffic Not allowed

    I do not belive there is a firewall client for linux, and besides how would you authenticate? (assuming you only allow authenticated users outbound)
    Instead you will have to create an exception and allow that single IP address outbound.
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      Re: Out going Traffic Not allowed

      You need to create what is known as a SecureNAT client. IE one with the the ISA server (SBS) as the Default Gateway.
      More details at

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