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Monitoring Remote Workplace Usage

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  • Monitoring Remote Workplace Usage

    Hello All

    We have a customer using SBS R2 and everything is going well. The owner has people working from home using Remote Workplace and wants to have a way to track the time they spend logged in, and what they are doing. Guess he doesnt trust that they are really working. I cant see any way that SBS can do this, does anyone know of a good program that can do this.

    Thanks for your help, Dave

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    Re: Monitoring Remote Workplace Usage

    SBS R2 is the program that does this!
    I don't remember the specifics off-hand, but if you look in the Event Viewer, security log, you can see the user name, logon/logoff event (540?) and you will also see the IP address from outside your network. Any 3rd party app which can parse eventlog files could give you what you are looking for. Or even roll your own in Access, if you feel so inclined.

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