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Trusts in SBS

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  • Trusts in SBS

    Yes I know you are not supposed to do trusts in SBS but regardless I need to set up some trusts so that I can use ADMT to move users/resources from an SBS 2003 domain to a Win 2003 domain.

    I have used the instructions found at this link

    and they work but then when I remove the second domain controller form the SBS domain leaving only the SBS the trusts dissapear.

    Any thoughts, and yes I am aware that I can be asked to remove the trusts. they will only be in place for the period of the migration.

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    Re: Trusts in SBS - oops forgot the link


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      Re: Trusts in SBS

      Can you please explain what it is you are trying to achieve? Because there is a documented and supported way to transfer/migrate/upgrade your SBS to new hardware using ADMT. See for details.
      If you like "destroying" people's desktop computers then that is the path to go. I personally have a preference for Swing Migration from which means that basically you don't have to touch the desktops, the domain name stays the same as do all the shares, printers and shortcuts.
      What you are doing is totally unsupported, outside of the EULA and it is doubtful if anyone would be prepared to help you on that.

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        Re: Trusts in SBS

        I have two production networks. One SBS and one win 2003. The companies are merging and i need to migrate the sbs users resources mailboxes etc to the 2003 network.

        The goal is to do this with as little disruption to the users as possible so I just figured establish trusts between forests use ADMT and turn off SID filtering so that I can keep user/resource linkages and transfer test users/mailboxes then real users/mailboxes and your'e done.

        Your thoughts