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All users have access to other's mail

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  • All users have access to other's mail

    Hey all

    I am fairly new in my job and have noticed that all users have the ability to view each others email inboxes, although none of them actually know how to open them through Outlook.

    I don't want to go changing permissions without being sure of what to do first. All I want to do is stop regular Domain Users from being able to view other user's mailboxes. Which permission/permissions should I change?

    I am using SBS 2003.


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    Re: All users have access to other's mail

    <facetious reply> Change the ones that let them see other mailboxes </facetious reply>
    Actually it depends how they were granted those permissions. You could look in Outlook Tools/Options to see if everyone granted everyone else Delegate access or you could look in AD at the User properties/advanced/mailbox rights.

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