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VPN Access to SBS 2003 Network

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  • VPN Access to SBS 2003 Network

    Hi Folks,

    Looking for some help. Have seen similar posts, but none that appear clear to someone who has just started using this.

    I am trying to access my companies internal network. They currently have a Vigor 2800 router which connects to 192.168 Network and then to a server which has two network cards and runs SBS 2003 (one network card on 192 net and one on 10 net)
    I have setup a VPN connection from Windows and can connect to their network, however the VPN setup on the Vigor Firewall gives me a 192 net IP address. From here I am unable to ping anything on the 10 net, however I can ping the 192 address of the SBS Server and also startup a remote desktop connection and see resources within the 10 net.
    I need to be on the 10 net as there are shared folders etc. that I need to be able to access.
    I believe the 10 net is being controlled by the SBS server and is NAT protected.

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: VPN Access to SBS 2003 Network

    Personally, I would let the Vigor Firewall pass through the PPTP connection to the SBS which can adequately handle the VPN from there you will get all the parametesyou need and will effectively be part of the LAN (10 network, in your parlance). Is that a possibility?

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