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SBS wierd exchange behavior.

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  • SBS wierd exchange behavior.

    Hello everyone.
    I have installed the SBS2003 couple says now.
    I use a static DSL IP address with two NICS.
    I followed the ICW setting my .com domain for the exchange server using the DNS option (not smart host).
    I was able to receive email from any well known email servers (hotmail,yahoo,gmail etc) with no problem.
    I found out though that only gmail was getting replies from my exchange.
    I got tired of searching for help but I ended up with a headache.
    So I left the server alone for the night and next day I got the emails to my hotmail account but not yahoo. I tried email all accounts again to reallize that this time only hotmail was receiving. I tried to direct the virtual host to use my isp's DNS but no help. My ques on gmail connector had all undeliverable mails waiting and same with yahoo connector.
    Then I rebooted virtual host and exchange fired all mails to gmail immidiatelly , but kept the yahoo to que again.
    Finally tried to send mails to (gmail,hotmail,yahoo) again and reallized that hotmail didnt receive this time neither yahoo.
    All mails stay in ques.
    I run the ICW again using smart host.
    Nothing happens.
    I can receive but cant send anymore.
    I need some help Im sorry if I repeat the topic but couldnt find anything illuminating.

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    Re: SBS wierd exchange behavior.

    Your problems are down to how your mail is being sent out, i presume you are sending out using DNS rather than using a specific smtp server? If so you need to change Exchange to to use you isp smtp server and you mail should start to be delivered correctly. If you have any quesitons then please let me know.



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      Re: SBS wierd exchange behavior.

      Run your domain name through and look especially at the MX section to see there are no RED sections and you understand any YELLOW section. If you don't understand any of it, post the sanitised results here and we'll see if we can help further.

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