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SBS upgrade to Windows 2003 Std

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  • SBS upgrade to Windows 2003 Std

    Hello folks -

    Can I install Windows 2003 Std. on top of SBS 2003 Premium?

    Also, I have been told about the transition pack. From what I know, TP is
    just a collection of CD's and CAL's and not really a executable that you run
    to upgrade your SBS box. Is that correct?

    Finally, can I add a Windows 2003 Std. Server as a DC in a SBS 2003 domain?
    Any restrictions in doing so?

    All your answers would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: SBS upgrade to Windows 2003 Std

    There is a DL on this link. Maybe it will help you understand the Transition Pack better.


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      Re: SBS upgrade to Windows 2003 Std

      First of all, to get back at others, SBS to Windows Standard is a DOWNGRADE
      Having got that out of the way, you can add up to 75 DC's in an SBS network, but SBS has to remain head of the forest/domain and retain all the FSMO roles. What TP does is include a CD to remove those restrictions and no trust ones also. You retain all the wizards and features of SBS but, they are no longer supported. Thus if a patch or service pack later on breaks your Remote Web Workplace, there is no fix and no support for it any longer.
      I would also advise you to get media packs for Server Exchange etc when you buy TP as, if you ever want to reinstall your server, you will not want to re-install SBS and go through the process again, presumably.

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