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VPN Connection stopped working

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  • VPN Connection stopped working

    I created a PPTP VPN connection on a clients new notebook to the SBS server and joined the domain remotely. Everything worked fine. Now, for no reason I can not connect. When i get to verifying user name and password, it times out.

    I can re-create the connection on my desktop with the same credentials and the connection establishes for the user. I have deleted the connection and recreated. I have tried different credentials like the SBS administrator and it's a no go.

    I can telnet in on 1723 so I know its listening. The notebook has the firewall enable through GPO from when I joined the domain.

    Any ideas? I'm stumped.
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    Re: VPN Connection stopped working {update}

    I pulled the plug on my Netscreen 5XT so it could reboot and everything worked after that.

    I read about GRE problems people had with cheap LinkSys routers and thought, "No, not my Netscreen"

    I had nothing to lose powering it down and it work
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      Re: VPN Connection stopped working

      Thanks for posting back with your solution !

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