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    I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me here.

    I've a server running on SBS 2003. Lately, i've been getting the following critical alerts when running the monitoring and reporting feature under server management.

    "Processor Activity(0)". The processor is experiencing a low level of idle time. Consistently low level of idle time can cause performance problems.

    I've checked in the task manager the top processes by CPU. They are as follows

    1. store.exe
    2. wmiprvse.exe
    3. w3wp.exe
    4. mmc.exe
    5. svchost.exe
    6. sqlservr.exe

    I think i can end sqlservr.exe as i don't need it because i'm not running exchange on the server.

    I have also checked it in the alert notifications. Threshold at present is less than 5% and the counter average is 75.99

    I was wondering if there are any unnecessary running processes that i can end it.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Processor Activity alert

    Something is thrashing your CPU - hence the alert. And sqlservr.exe has nothing to do with Exchange. It, in fact is the MSDE which is providing you with the alerts, along with your Sharepoint site (and possibly logging of ISA firewall, if you have one and/or BackupExec database if installed).
    Does it affect performance of the server, and applications ? Does it happen during backup? What time of day does it happen? During a virus scan? at a critical time of day?
    Assess the information given to you, and act only if need be. Otherwise, ignore it!

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      Re: Processor Activity alert

      Seeing your not running exchange you should disable the exchange services and this will end the store.exe process which is your current top process.

      Is this process based on CPU usage or memory usage?

      Once you've done this, and if there is still a problem reply with the processes and their memory and CPU usage.

      Matthew @ PhoenixTP