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Remote Desktop stops working.

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  • Remote Desktop stops working.

    in an SBS2000 network - XP Pro workstations. I used to Access my Server from every workstation in the network, also from outside using VPN then Remote Desktop. One morning it stop working from the local network and also from outside. I still can connect using VPN, and still can map the drives on the server and access my files. But the Remote Desktop does not works. There are no EVENTS errors int the log. I get (Network error - access refused) . the port 3389 is open and I can telnet the port. I did not change any thing in the Server. (we use SBOX [email protected] 500 Secure Router). I don't thing the problem is with the router, because I cannot Remote Desktop the Server from inside the network from any workstation that is connected directly to the server and working fine with the serve r.

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    Re: Remote Desktop stops working.

    When you click on the RDC icon on a desktop exactly what happens. Do you see an error message, does it just go away? In addition to the event viewer on the server, have you looked at the event viewer on the workstation?

    What anti-virus do you have? Have you made any changes or updates to it?

    Did this start about the time MS sent around the RDC update?