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sbs2003 clients can ping, cannot browse internet

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  • sbs2003 clients can ping, cannot browse internet

    I'm working on what was an emergency installation of SBS2003 Pmr and XP SP2 stations. All clients and the server can ping public sites, resolve domains, but cannot browse the internet. Internal browsing is fine, I can see the RWW internally, but nothing external.

    I checked GPOs on the server to see what policies it was sending and checked on the local clients to see what policies they were receiving and found nothing enabled that could cause this. The only policy I have enabled is folder, desktop and Application Settings redirection.

    The client computers say that firewall settings are being controlled at the domain level, but the firewall portions of the enabled GPO is all marked as not enabled. I even removed one client from the domain, rebooted various times waited over night to ensure it "knew" it was no longer part of the domain and nothing has changed.

    I checked network settings, everything looks right and I believe proof is that the computers can resolve and ping external IPs, plus browse locally.

    Can anyone assist in finding what is blocking browsing??? Thanks.
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    Re: sbs2003 clients can ping, cannot browse internet

    Can the server access the internet?

    Can a workstation logged on as Administrator (or an equivalent Administrators group user) access the internet?

    Is there any proxy settings on Internet Explorer (not within the firewall client) - how about a third party browser - does that work?

    Do the workstations have SBS Firewall client installed (and maybe hidden) but a different profile is now logging on? When the firewall client is installed, it configures IE to use ISA as it's proxy but only for the profile it was installed on.

    Just a couple of ideas / questions to get you thinking.


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      Re: sbs2003 clients can ping, cannot browse internet

      Does your netwok uses any external DNS for name resolving.... I had similar problem with ISA Server 2004... I had to configure it manually...


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        Re: sbs2003 clients can ping, cannot browse internet

        Please run in a cmd window an
        ipconfig /all
        command and post the results here!

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