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SBS2000 - access denied, unable to connect

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  • SBS2000 - access denied, unable to connect

    I am running sbs2000 with 20 users. 1 PC gets the above error on one of the networked printers. The user can still print - but it takes about 20 seconds or more to print. Nobody else has this problem....I've deleted and reinstalled the printer on the PC and same problem..

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    Re: SBS2000 - access denied, unable to connect

    Sounds like either a permissions issue or you need to delete and recreate the user profile.
    In any case it is about time you swung that machine over to SBS 2003 R2 - a system that is seven years old in design and has few of the security systems in polace required for today - and going down in terms of support as of this year. Think about it!

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