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Definitions: SBS Abreviations

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  • Definitions: SBS Abreviations

    You may see some common abbreviations in this forum:

    CEICW: Configure E-Mail and Internet Connection Wizard
    RWW: Remote Web Workplace - a web-based feature which allows you to control servers/clients, run web-based email, access your Sharepoint site or download the Connection Manager. Only in SBS.
    UTFW: Since I don't need to explain what RTFM is (I hope), then in the same vein, this means Use The Wizard.
    SBS is NOT just Windows Server + Exchange. It is the development and tuning of running Server, Exchange, Sharepoint, (for Premium: SQL and ISA) in a way that they all play nicely on one DC. With that in mind, the Wizards are THE way to securely configure the system initially. Then use your other skills to try to correct any further problems you may have. So start by doing the "To Do List" in the order it is shown (each item there is a wizard). Got a problem? go back and UTFW to see if it corrects it. THEN we can help you.
    Have a good 2007!
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