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Missing Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync, OMA in IIS6.0

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  • Missing Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync, OMA in IIS6.0


    I have SBS2003 installed with Exchange 2003 SP2.

    Exchange 2003 seems to be working as well as I can access Exchange via the web.

    I was trying to get my PDA with WM5 to sync with exchange and I noticed that I donot have the following sites under my default website..

    Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync and OMA...

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    Re: Missing Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync, OMA in IIS6.0

    with or without SSL?

    Im working with a smaller companies SBS server (and not enjoying it) and have seen some oddities with activesync and the page being displayed...

    since i walked into the action after the initail setup, i started from scratch (in an IIS manner of speaking) and deleted the folders and the metaverse data (there is a great write up on dPetris page) then restarted the SA...

    this ensured that i wasnt working with a flawed SSL setup or such...

    the most recent adventure was the cert itself. the original issue didnt work correctly, but as soon as i made them reissue the cert and reapplied it, things worked fine.

    sometimes all the problems with exchange arent exchange at all...

    sorry i dont have more info. SBS is a little wierd to me...
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      Re: Missing Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync, OMA in IIS6.0

      Try resetting the virtual directories:

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        Re: Missing Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync, OMA in IIS6.0

        If you run the integrated setup then everything is set up to work after you run the CEICW.
        Although the wizards worked perfectly for Windows Mobile 2003, they need a lttle help with WM5. You need to export the certificates from your server and transfer them to your mobile device - then they usually work OK.

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