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  • Logging of web activity

    Help please!!

    I logged on to a remote SBS 2003 server as a user whilst still logged on to my own office SBS2003 server (eg used my servers internet access to reach the remote server).

    I forgot to log off the VPN connection until I noticed that my web access was very slow. I know that some servers can be set-up to record the urls of web sites visited. If the remote server I was connected to via VPN is set to record, would my web visits be logged on this this server or on the one that I was connected to directly? If the remote server is logging would it just list the urls or would it have cached tha actual pages visited?

    There are definite sensitivities here, so I would really appreciate some advice!


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    Re: Logging of web activity

    Standard or Premium?

    ISA would log all of your connectivity - at either site.

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      Re: Logging of web activity

      Thanks for taking the trouble to respond. Both servers run professional but I do not think ISA has been implemented on the remote server - there is a hardware firewall in place instead. It only supports a two man office so the set-up wil not be sophisticated. How do I stand in light of this?!