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  • wins replication

    hi all

    i just set a new dc to my sbs2000
    have on both dns and wins
    but wins seems to not replicate properly

    when i find by owner - all owners - one gave me 189 records
    while the other machine have only 184 records

    i also have crm and erp
    and when sbs is down crm have slow response
    erp is write in a diffrent language and probably
    asking dns for resolving

    have i missed something to configure


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    Re: wins replication

    Help us to help you!
    Give more configuration details, network topology, how many servers etc
    And are you sure this is SBS?
    IF you have a new DC with Win2K3 SP1 make sure you diable the firewall on it to allow replication of AD, GPO's WINS DNS etc.

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