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one of my users cant reach IMAP

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  • one of my users cant reach IMAP

    I have an sbs 2003, with IMAP configured to be accessed and all my users can reach this service. only one user cannot. when i try to reach his mailbox Through IMAP i got popup windows who ask to feed user and password (like if the user or the password is wrong although it is not).
    It doesn't matter from wich computer i try to do it, i got the same result.
    i even ad the user to the domain admin just for trying but it didn't help.
    i reset the password and change it, same.
    I checked the Exchange Features in the user properies. everything is fine.
    I don't know where to check anymore so i turn to you all. HELP

    Thank you

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    Re: one of my users cant reach IMAP

    1. Backup the mailbox.
    2. Delete thr mailbox.
    3. Purge the mailbox.
    4. Create a new mailbox.
    5. Send email to the new mailbox and open it via OWA.
    5. Try again.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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