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SBS 2003 Disaster Recovery

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  • SBS 2003 Disaster Recovery

    I saw the reprint of Henrik Walther's article "Recovering a Failed Exchange 2003 Member Server Using the Disaster Recovery Switch" which was very helpful - except for one aspect!

    I have a failed SBS 2003 server - after uninstalling Backup Exec 10d the server continually reboots after displaying the splash screen after 5 seconds.

    Following the article, I have re-installed the Server side of SBS 2003 successfully on the same server - I only have one server. All data is intact but being a Small Business Server there are no other domain controllers. Hence, what do I do regarding promoting it to be the domain controller are there any ramifications I need to be aware of?

    Any advice would be VERY gratefully received!

    Thanks and regards - Rory

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    Re: SBS 2003 Disaster Recovery

    If it is the same hardware, DR should be no more than install a base Win2K3 system then restore the last backup tape (which NT backup can read) or install BE and restore from there.

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      Re: SBS 2003 Disaster Recovery

      Thanks - it was kind of iffy, in that Exchange kept wanting to prep the forest and domain, and doing so either by the wizard or using the switch it still didn't think the forest was preped.

      What I didn't make clear was that the data was intack on the hard drives, and that is what I wanted to restore. I didn't want to use the tape backup, as it was the un-install of the Backup Exec 10d that caused the problem in the first place - so I'm consigning Backup Exec to the bin until I figure out why!

      At the end of the day I had the data, the emails were restored off the 30 odd clients by saving a PST from the local Outlook cache. Somewhat time consuming...

      Thanks for you reply!