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Problem with email code

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  • Problem with email code

    Hi we have a SBS 2003 Ita with exchage Sp1.
    We often see that email don't delivery but waiting in code on smtp default connector.
    I try to force connection or restart email services, but don't work. If try to restart smtp the service don't restart is and appear "waiting to restart".
    No message appear in event viewer and the only mothod to work is restart server, but this way create a lot of problem.
    Can help me to resolve this problem?
    Tia Unclescrouge

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    Re: Problem with email code

    First of all I strongly recommend you upgrade to Exchange SP2 and/or SBS SP1. The exchange SP is worth it for the IMF or anti-spam Intelligent Message Filter and the raising of the Exchange store limit to default 18gb up to 75gb.
    Then rerun the CEICW wizard and see if you still have a problem.

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