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How to sync multiple calendars

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  • How to sync multiple calendars

    Hi there! My question is how to sync multiple calendars with a Windows Mobile 2005 device.

    I work with two different firms. Firm 1 has SBS2003, Firm 2 SBS2003 R2. Firm 1 gave me the Windows Mobile 2005 device, which is connected to the SBS2003 through GPRS (push). It syncs email, contacts and calendar.

    Activesync does not allow me to connect to the SBS2003 R2 (Firm 2) as it is already connected to SBS2003 (Firm 1). Activesync does allow me to connect to my pc client with Firm 2, but it does not allow me to sync with my calendar with Firm 2 as long as it syncs my calendar with Firm 1. This is confirmed by various sources on the internet. And if it would be possible, it would only help me if I am at the pc client with Firm 2 as the client cannot push any changes in the calendar.

    Both firms have Outlook 2003.

    Would it be possible to sync both calendars through the internet, so that any change made in one calendar results in an equal change in the other causing Firm 1 pushing that change to my mobile? Any (other) thoughts?

    Your help will be highly appreciated. Cheers, Dela

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    Re: How to sync multiple calendars

    Unfortunately, I have not seen any reactions on my issue. I figured out myself a workaround by inserting calendar items with requesting myself as an attendee with the other firm. I do not see this as a permanent solution, but it works for the moment. I had hoped someone knows of an SBS2003 built-in solution for which no additional steps are required each time a change in either calendar is processed. Still no ideas?

    Thanks, Dela


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      Re: How to sync multiple calendars


      Thanks for trying here. But in actual fact, there is nothing here that is specific to SBS2003 (although I understand that is the system you are working on). You may want to try a Mobile Device forum or even Exchange 2003 forum.

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