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SBS03 Exchange Startup

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  • SBS03 Exchange Startup

    I have just completed the installation of SBS03 SP1 with 3 client machines running WinXP SP2. I am able to share files among the machines and the server as well as get out to the internet.

    The server has 2 NICs, DNS, Exchange, DHCP. I do not have a static IP though I do have a DDNS svc. I can see the Exchange Mgmt console and have been able to set up a POP3 connector but I do not know what else is needed to manage the email in Exchange. I also have 2 HTTP mail accts I would like to setup.

    I have never used Exchange. Outlook03 as stand alone on the client XP machines is the only way I have configured email before and now I would like to use Exchange. Can anyone explain the steps to setup my mailboxes or direct me to elementary explanations about Exchange in SBS? I have found some texts on Exchange but I am not finding it easy to translate to what I see here and there is some assumption in Exchange books that start ahead of where I need to be to make this work. I am not sure what I need to fill in the missing link but it isn't the Help file.

    Thank you for any advice.

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    Re: SBS03 Exchange Startup

    UTFW !!
    If you create a user and his computer using the Add User wizard then connect his computer to the domain by in IE using //<server>/connectcomputer, then all you have to do is log on to that computer, start installing the applications (it's a wizard, what else!) when prompted and then your Outlook is ready to go.
    Don't make it harder than it really is and don't read about the other Exchange ways - they are manual and not SBS.
    As for connecting SBS to the Internet with a Dynamic DNS service such as DynDS or TZO, see:
    written by Charles Anthe of the SBS Development team (Release Manager). It tells you how to configure SMTP for e-mail also - no need for the POP3 connector which BTW bypasses the spam filters of IMF from Exchange SP2.

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