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  • SBS 2003 RIS - FAO Steven

    Hi following on from the post here

    I would like to know the pitfalls for installing a RIS server on my SBS 2003 box. I have no hardware to test with and the install would happen on a live box. I need to be sure before I do this that it would not cause any problems.

    Any pointers/advice would be most welcome.

    Thanks brian

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    Re: SBS 2003 RIS - FAO Steven

    Sorry - never used it and have never found the need. I'm not sure of the question being asked, actually. Are you asking about RIS for remote install of the server itself, or to distribute the workstations?.
    From what I hear and read, the Distribution service in Vista blows RIS away!

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      Re: SBS 2003 RIS - FAO Steven

      The question did relate to workstation installations from RIS being installed on an SBS box. (I suggested the question be asked here due to my extensive [lack] of SBS experience). I thought you may have had some SBS - RIS workstation words of wisdom. Do you see any problems running RIS and Ghost on an SBS box? (That is my prefered deployment method with Server 2003 Standard)
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        Re: SBS 2003 RIS - FAO Steven

        Thanks guys I was able to see RIS in action on a friends server. I thought it was pretty good at doing what it said on the tin.

        I dont want to touch it with regards to the server I am supporting just now as it is a small company and there is no test enviroment.

        I have changed what I am looking for anyway. I would like a stand alone server for deployment of images, I have seen a few linux distro that are starting out that can achieve this. So I'll keep searching just now.

        Thanks for the replys !