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RPC Basic Authentication Greyed out.

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  • RPC Basic Authentication Greyed out.

    I am trying to configure RPC over HTTPS on a SBS 2003 box. In following the directions, I noticed RPC's Authenticated Access has 3 grey out fields: Integrated Windows authentication, Digest, and Basic Authentication.

    Anonymous and .Net are not.

    RpcWithCert does not have this problem and it uses the same Virtual Directory. (I assumed it was an NTFS issue.)

    The Default Web does not have this issue either. (I thought maybe it was an inheritance issue.)

    Were else do I look? A certificate is loaded for the default site - if this matters.

    Thanks for you help.

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    Re: RPC Basic Authentication Greyed out.

    You don't do that in SBS unless you want problems. Run the CEICW and in the firewall section you say you want Outlook over the Internet. Make sure that your certificate is for the FQDN of your server as it is known ouside the organisation. Then look on Remote Web Workplace to see how to connect Outlook to YOUR server in the document

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